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Nike Stadium - Zoltar Nike Shaman Opening | Video

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Tradition has it, before a battle, some tribes, be it the surviving ones who currently reside in the vanishing nooks of the world, or the ones that have been wiped out for one reason or another, warriors will approach the village shaman for advice and blessings. The shaman, rooted in tribalism, are essentially the messengers between the human and the spiritual realm. Taking the shamanistic rituals in the the context of the contemporary world, affix it to the biggest event about to happen internationally and could perhaps, either bring about joyous triumphs or vengeful bloodbaths--the 2010 FIFA World Cup-- perhaps Nike Stadium and Zoltar both believe in a little primitive magic is needed. As previously previewed in a magical, but slightly thrilling teaser, Nike Stadium and Zoltar have finally unveiled the Nike Shaman exhibition at London's 1948.

Created by the reputable Dan Macmillan and Kieron Livingstone, the five Shamans created (one representing each of Nike's national football teams) explore each country's culture, art, tribalism, emotion and devotion. For instance, the Korean Shaman is bedecked in Korean national colors of red, white and blue, and wears a traditional mask. At times scary (one of the Shamans has a face crafted out from what seems like approximately 200,000 fingers when one takes creative liberty in counting), the Nike Shaman exhibition is a provocative artistic venture that fuses the very basic human emotions of community and inherited instincts with sports, more specifically, the sport of soccer.

The exhibition was held at 1948, which had been temporarily transformed into a mythical shrine, and attendees include the important figures of art world, of the fashion realm, of sports, and of course, friends of the brand. Guests sipped specialty cocktails inspired by the internationalism which tied in with the exhibition, and hung out to the music by Top Nice's Hampus, Fervent Moon and Edwin Laliq. Check out the video, get blessed with the magic of the game.