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Nike Write The Future - New T-Shirt Collection Release

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Think wearing your hearts and heroes on sleeves isn't quite enough to express the devotion you have for the stars of Nike's Write The Future? How about giving them more face time and presence on your t-shirt? Front and back! Nike Japan's Write The Future collaboration retail venture with SOPH. has been extremely successful and bustling in the past few weeks with notable special releases and customization items. Just hit the racks yesterday is a new line-up of t-shirts from the Nike Write The Future advertisement which has swept the planet off its feet. Quite literally too because Kobe was seen doing a little shuffle in the advertisement after sending a basketball sailing into the basket.

The new line of t-shirts feature some popular cameos including Homer Simpson and the Simpsons rendition of Cristiano Ronaldo, the older, pot-bellied version of Wayne Rooney who retired into a trailer after missing an important shot (touch wood!) and more. Available now at Nike Write The Future, Nike Harajuku, Kamo and Nike Football (the last three spots are for select designs only), we suspect these won't be hanging out on the racks for long, so don't wait to grab. images via: SOPH Blog