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Nike Zoom Kobe V (5) Big Stage Road Edition

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It is all about the "numbers", isn't it? Last night, the Los Angeles Lakers hustled through Game 3 of the NBA Finals. And though Boston Celtics attempted to make a come-back, the Lakers secured the lead during the last few minutes and finished with 91-84. But this isn't about the game tonight or the Finals. It is about the road to here, to the present, through diligence, through suffering, through impossible odds. As Nike Basketball points out, 73 times, in increments of 2835 minutes, Kobe Bryant gave his all to his team. Whether it was sore muscle or broken bone, Kobe persevered with 391 rebounds, 365 assists, 113 steals, and more... Along with the "work", there were the recognitions - the 12th All-Star nominations, the 25,207 points scored on February 1st of this year, all more than any other Lakers in the franchise's history. Not to mention, the 27 points per game average and the career total of 25,970 points - all now as points of reflection as the records are embossed onto the second NBA Finals Zoom Kobe V (5) - Big Stage Road Edition. And to the question before? Yes, the numbers are important, but the game is more.