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CONVERSE - Fall 2010 - Chuck Taylor All Star Collection

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Sure, the CONVERSE Chuck Taylor All Star may be ingrained in basketball and rock, but it is a classic and one of the most favored collaborative silhouettes after the plain white t-shirt for a reason-- it is extremely versatile and can be everything and anything you want it to be. For the upcoming Fall 2010 season, CONVERSE is not only upgrading its construction and comfort, it is also taking on different directions to prove that versatility is one of the classic silhouette's most renowned qualities. This has been achieved through collaborations and designs old and new, including a continued collaboration with (RED) and Woolrich Woolen Mills, and a new project with a childhood favorite, Dr. Seuss.

First up, in changing the fit of the Chuck Taylor All Star without disrupting the beloved silhouette, the new Cup Construction features a cushy footbed and monochrome upper to refocus the attention in designing sneakers towards comfort. Then, in revisiting the kicks' roots in rock and roll, the Rock Ready collection comes with three new line-ups, a Slouchy collection which features, as its namesake suggests, a slouchy ankle that can be scrunched with laces in the back; the Big Star Print collection that is very loud, and very all-America; and last but not least, the All Star Sock Roll Down whose ankle comes affixed with pink or purple socks that can be rolled down to mimic the looks of leg warmers without actually having to wear leg warmers.

Collaboration wise, CONVERSE continues to venture on their project with (RED) and this time, draws inspiration from the pantone and painterly by dressing the high and low-tops in gradient shades and wide brushstrokes. In terms of long-term partnership, the label also returns for another season with Woolrich Woolen Mills, this time using the company's iconic Hunter plaid as upper to keep feet warm, snug, and cozy. Last but not least, a new and interesting collaboration that is bound to bring out the child in us is a new partnership with Dr. Seuss. The collection of Dr. Seuss kicks are inspired by the children's book's playful graphics, happy colors and whimsical characters, and the collection has something for everyone from nine to 99.

Extensive and multi-directional? We did tell you the Chuck Taylor All Star is versatile, didn't we?