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Diem Chau x W+K x Nike "Write The Future" Crayola Crayon

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These crayons invite a more perplexing question and conundrum than "To stay or not stay within the lines, is the question". These crayons, beautifully crafted by artist Diem Chau who is so apt at expressing the subtlest nuances in details, will inspire a great sense of creativity, but at the same time, evoke a protective desire to cryogenically preserve these gorgeous Crayola crayons till the end of time. Commissioned by Nike for the sportswear giant's "Write The Future" campaign to celebrate the 2010 FIFA World Cup, packaged by Wieden + Kennedy (W+K) and created by Diem Chau, one of the childhood favorites, Crayola crayons are carved into tiny sculptures of Nike's greatest football players and heroes of speed-- Rooney, Ribery, Cannavaro, Ronaldo, Drogba and Robinho.

The crayons, resembling totem poles, translate a sense of base, tribal and raw power that are often lost in translation in the urban life-- the feelings that ignite an inane passion within us that only sports and a healthy dose of no-frills competition can do. The kind of competition that comes down to something that's only between man and man, and man and himself, untainted by technology or anything else.

The packaging, created by W+K not only comes with a hand book, a documentation of each crayon, but also a wooden block designed for one to display the crayons at home. For those who enjoyed the sculptures in NikeTown created by The 3D Agency, these coveted crayons will perhaps be the perfect addition to your home and 2010 FIFA World Cup collection.