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FTC - June 2010 | New Releases

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More new items from the FTC Summer 2010 collection will drop this Friday and the releases include a good range of t-shirts, caps, shorts and beach sandals. The staple FTC logo items are included as usual and there are New Era snap back cap in white/black/red along with a Broken Glass graphic t-shirts. As it is the World Cup month, there is the World Cup inspired t-shirt in white or gray as well. For cyclists, there are Bicycle Cap, Bike Stripes t-shirts and beach sandals that are detailed with cycle oriented colors and graphics. Monochromatic photos shot by Mark Whiteley have been turned into a simple photo print on couple of t-shirts.

FTC Snap Back Cap

Bicycle Cap

World Cup



Broken Glass

Bike Stripes

Waiting For Easter by Mark Whiteley

Ray Barbee by Mark Whiteley


Beach Sandal