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John Varvatos x CONVERSE - Fall 2010 Collection

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There is something deeply romantic about John Varvatos' concept of masculinity. It is a little bit rebellious, a little bit rock and roll; it is a little bit all-American on the run, with a Harley, and above all, a little bit of the man who lives on the edge but is forever relevant. Relevance and a tendency to veer off into the beaten path are qualities that CONVERSE, those who wear CONVERSE, and Varvatos share. In the duo's seasons of partnership, the collaborative line has garnered a loyal following, those who are the urban Hemingway, determined to remain free from the grips of rules and conventions. This season, Varvatos brings what he does best, the luxe rugged designs and quality into his collaboration with CONVERSE, and the season also continues to expand on new premium Star Chevron styles, including the Pro Leather 76 and the Star Player.

Aesthetics wise, it is exactly what one would expect from Varvatos-- worn in, already built in with character, well traveled, subtle, rugged and masculine. The color palettes are basic in manly wine, whites, greys and black. Sometimes, a little opulence appear in metallic, and sometimes, the all-American pride creeps in with stars and stripes. However, anyone can do rugged-- just buy a pair of hiking boots or motorcycle boots, and rugged will be in the bag. But, bringing luxury and ruggedness together under premium treatment is Varvatos' forte-- hand-crafted treatment and unique waxed and burnished techniques gives this collection its lasting edge.

For instance, the JV Pro Leather may appear simple in rustic shades, but it is carefully made from a mix of waxed and burnished leathers; the JV Star Player, based on the Star Player silhouette which debuted in the 70s, features carefully burnished nubuck or waxy suede and are meticulously trimmed with smooth leather; the perennial Chuck Taylor All Star is given a little motorcycle edge with distressed printed upper and burnished toes; last but not least, the definition of toughness, the Bosey Boot seems to be the footwear metamorphosis of the vagabond or the outlaw, updated in tumbled leather which is then finished in a burnished wax.

Designed to be worn in, traveled in, and will perhaps be more loyal than your Doberman, these are set to accompany its wearer through urban bars or desert sand dunes.