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Lacoste - Steel Racquets Collection

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As part of the Stealth capsule collection, Lacoste will be releasing a new collection titled Steel Racquets. The story of the "Steel Raquet" goes back to 1963 when Rene Lacoste developed the world's first steel tennis racquet. This tennis racquet then went on to earn court time with tennis greats such as Jimmy Connors, Billie Jean King and many others. The racquet has played an indispensable part in 46 grand slam titles from 1966 until 1978. Each sneaker model in this collection pays tribute to the steel racquets by mimicking design details ingrained in the raquets. This is exemplified by the use of metallic mesh, brown leather trimming, matte steel leather and shiny silver crocodile logo. Crisp white shoe laces provide a modern contrast to the sneakers' vintage looks. These are scheduled to be released around July so look out for them at your nearest Lacoste stockist. via: Shoes Master