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Nike Stadium Tokyo Presents Mercurial

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There is good reason that Nike is one of the biggest sportswear players in the world, and a heavyweight champion at it too. With gusto, creativity, relentless efforts and one of the most generous and courageous budgets for marketing out there, Nike has not been stopping with their preps and celebrations of this year's biggest sporting event-- the 2010 FIFA World Cup. With celebrations, events, product releases and creations big and small around the world, Nike is still continuing ahead full steam with its World Cup work. In Toyko, Nike Stadium had just unveiled a debut only launch event on May 21th. This debut and launch marks the opening of a Nike Mercurial Football themed exhibition comprising of multimedia work, sculptural installations and of course, paintings and prints.

The exhibition is an impressive joint effort featuring local Japanese artists such as WOW, DAISUKE GEMMA, KEIICHIRO SHIBUYA X EVALA, TAKESHI HANZAWA and CONCEPT CONCEPTION. These artists have put in their very own artistic two pence about the Nike Mercurial Football (comprising too of Nike talent, Tadanari Lee and the Mercurial boot) and reinterpreted the subject in their unique perspectives and medium. The opening was attended by 900 key players in the creative industry including fashion, style and design. Check out the exhibition photographs and get a grasp of the exhibition for those who weren't able to make it out to Tokyo for the event (which sadly, would be a vast majority of us.)

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