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The 3D Agency x Nike "Write The Future" 3D Sculptures

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Shamans, Rooney with a pot belly living in a trailer, Homer Simpson being put in place by Cristiano Ronaldo and Kobe Bryant doing a little shuffle on the basketball courts-- just when you think, Nike can't possibly have any more creative ideas or add more to the already extensive and well-executed "Write The Future" campaign designed to celebrate and commemorate the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the sportswear giant decides to wow everyone with something a little traditional but technologically impressive and every bit artistic. As a part of the Nike Write The Future campaign, Nike has worked with The 3D Agency (previously known as CandyLab) to render 12 of Nike's most popular football players in 3D digitally, then convert the digital creation into life-size heroic sculptures that look as if they have been crafted by the Roman artisans who brought us the Lourve-grade bust of Julius Caesar.

The sculpture which showcased these 12 football stars in varying poses and emotions, nonetheless all true to life and translates unmistakable energy that can only come from soccer and the spirit of competition, will be displayed at NikeTown stores all over the world. To appreciate the sculptures in its glory, visit your closest Nike Town and get psyched for the kick-off this weekend!