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Vitamin Water x Kobe Bryant - "The Kloser" | Video

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This has yet to make it onto Urban Dictionary, but we suspect by the time this post is live, "klose" will be the latest addition to man's literary prowess and our ability to invent language to suit new situations. According to Vitamin Water, "klose" means to shut, to conclude, and to end games and demoralize opponents. In the form of a noun, the "kloser" refers to one who can end games and demoralize opponents. And as a reference, please see Kobe Bryant. In the latest Vitamin Water advertising campaign, Kobe Bryant describes various things that "klose" including bear traps, fanny packs, second dates, fashion shoots (the white hot one Bryant did with LA Times has been used as a reference), and western conference games. As for Boston? That one is still up for "klosing".

An advertisement set to please Kobe fans all over the world and gives the fans a little more Kobe face time off the courts, we are expecting this to, if not boost sales for the yellow Vitamin Water, to reaffirm the fans' faith in the "kloser".