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BAPE Archive Sale

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Currently running at BAPE Gallery in Kyoto, is a throwback look at some of BAPE's archived, key vintage pieces that have shaped the face and course of BAPE since the brand was founded by NIGO in 1993. It has been almost two decades since the brand was conceived in the heart of Harajuku, with a determination to change the face of fashion from ground up, rebelling against the trend of purchasing luxury items fueled by the economic bubble which grew exponentially in the late 80s, and finally burst in the early 90s. The exhibition, set to run until June 20 will be putting some archived items up for grabs this weekend, and it will be the perfect opportunity to cop some vintage pieces for BAPE fans who have been there since day 1.

Some key pieces include the first snowboarding jacket BAPE ever made, circa 1995, a tirolean jacket circa 2000~2001 whose first edition was sold out immediately. As coveted as these are, the only way to cope these would be to make a trip down to BAPE Gallery this weekend, or find someone who will be willing to make a trip out to Kyoto, or, do some severe eBay hawking. via: NIGO