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ESPN 3D Official Launch | Event Recap

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If you have the foresight to have already upgraded your HD LCD into a 3D LED, you might have been able to watch the kick off games for 2010 FIFA World Cup with one dimension more than others because ESPN has officially launched its 3D programming alongside the games which kicked off today. To launch the 3D programming officially, Engadget has been invited to ESPN's office in Bristol, Connecticut to check out the live broadcast of the game live from Johannesburg, South Africa, from a 72-inch Samsung DLP. With the launch of the 3D channel, 25 games from the 2010 FIFA World Cup will broadcast in 3D, and currently the cable providers signed on for the service include Comcast and DirectTV.

While ESPN will officially have a channel catering to bringing the excitement of sports to your home in all the length, width and depth glory, Engadget has also informed us that none of the 2010 FIFA World Cup games in 3D are shot by ESPN; instead, FIFA has contracted HDS to shoot a world feed. Thus, what ESPN does is to convert the 1080p 50 signal into 720p 60 for US compatibility.

What about plans after the 2010 FIFA World Cup? ESPN 3D will continue to broadcast games including the MLB Homerun Derby in Anaheim on July 12, right after the World Cup fever cools off on July 11. Planning on catching some 3D action? Don't believe in it yet? Just remember when Blu-ray came out, the skepticism surrounding it and look how far Blu-ray has come now. Perhaps we just don't know it yet, but the third dimension could become extremely indispensable in our lives very soon. via: Engadget