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iPhone 4 Bumper Cases | Detailed Look

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Since it was finally confirmed and announced earlier this week at the WWDC, the AppleiPhone 4 has pretty much hogged the technological spotlight and is almost the only thing anyone who is any bit interested in cellphones is capable of talking about. With new features, some just to catch up with other smart phones (5MP camera is really nothing new) out there and some quite revolutionary (Retina Display, a resolution beyond which the human eye will not be able to distinguish any difference), comes something else that is interesting as well-- a new protective cover known as the "Bumper Case".

While those who are used to the older iPhones would be familiar with the slider cases from Incase and various other snap on versions from other makers, the Bumper Case looks quite drastically different because it doesn't have a back cover, and is quite literally, just a band that covers the stainless steel band which also acts as an antenna for the phone. Available in a myriad of Skittles shades, the Bumper Case is set out to change the public conception of what a protective case is-- since it looks more like a bracelet for the phone than a crush-proof case. However, according to Apple, this will actually prevent the front and back glass of the iPhone from shattering, so it's protective prowess is not to be underestimated despite it's rather minimal presence.

In terms of aesthetics, this should be pose an interesting question for those who are trying to solve the eternal black or white conundrum. As for collaborations on new Bumper Cases? We are quite excited to see how artists and designers will be getting creative with the minimal canvas they have to work with. via: Gizmodo