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Nigel Sylvester x Gatorade - Go All Day: The Morning Episode | Video

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It was a night of mayhem-- tricking out on bikes, getting the groove on at a grimy but extremely cool local bar on the Lower East Side, and, that's right, finished a photo shoot. What happens the morning after? For Nigel Sylvester, a night of mayhem does nothing to stop him from going all day. Perhaps, as Gatorade hinted, with the help of half a bottle of electrolytes, spending the morning and the rest of the day on the bike, grinding and riding all the way from Brooklyn into the city is no difficult feat. The second installment to Gatorade's latest video campaign, Go All Day featuring pro-BMX rider Nigel Sylvester has just dropped. And "The Morning Episode" picks up where the last episode left off-- with Sylvester crashing in bed. Two down and one left to go, enjoy Sylvester's morning and revel in the magic of his energy. Or could it be, Gatorade's magic?