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Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke by Mister Cartoon

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There is something about Mister Cartoon that just exudes toughness all-over. This is the man who not only looks tough, makes his work so, and is actually tough. A man who creates, thrives and revels in it, Mister Cartoon is not only one of the most coveted tattoo artists but is also a car enthusiast, and for those who are in the know (and even for those who  don't), know that Mister Cartoon has a long standing design collaborative relationship with Nike. When Mister Cartoon dropped by Nike Sportswear's 21 Mercer spot in New York City a while ago to launch the True Colors USA Collab, he also took the chance to create something with Nike Bespoke. This time around, not for sale, not for a project, but just for himself. And, the resulting kicks exemplify the one key thing about Mister Cartoon- toughness.

The bespoke Air Force 1 created by Mister Cartoon features a mix of materials ranging from a shiny wild reptilian Swoosh in black, Kevlar on tongue, heel and toe box, and premium leather on the rest of the shoes. Waxed laces and red accents on the tongue tag and outsoles complete the don't-mess-with-these look. For those who don't quite yet grasp the significance of Kevlar and how it relates to toughness, Kevlar is common used in making bullet-proof vests, so the correlation there is indestructibility. However, we don't quite recommend testing out your bespoke with Kevlar by shooting it in the backyard.