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Sanrio x Dr. Martens 50th Anniversary Collection

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It has been five decades since a struggling German inventor with a garage full of ideas-- some failed, some slightly successful, and one changed his life--traveled across Europe, met up with a family filled with generations of shoemakers, and created the first pair of Dr. Martens 1460 boots. Yes, the 1460 boots which will then go on to see men through war, through peace, through music, love and revolution both on a micro, personal level and a macro, social-movement level. The past five decades hasn't been easy, but like the boots, the label survived, stronger and sturdier and ever and is without a doubt, here to stay. To celebrate the label's 50th Anniversary, Dr. Martens has not only tapped into one of its heritage influences, music, but also joined hands with one of the contemporary world's biggest pop icon beloved by fans ages nine to 99, Hello Kitty, and her Sanrio critter gang.

Quite a fitting collaboration, as Hello Kitty has just celebrated her 35th birthday (without having aged a day!), the duo joined hands to create an aww-worthy collection of footwear featuring both the classic 1460 8-eye boot and the Mary Jane strap shoe. This exclusive limited edition collection will comprise of five different styles-- three 1460 8-eye boots and two Mary Jane strap shoes. One of the 1460 8-eye has been dressed in a printed upper featuring what can only be fittingly described as a pile of cuteness made possible by stacking Hello Kitty, Keroppi, Little Twin Stars, Patty and Jimmy, Chococat, My Melody and more. Meanwhile, the other two boots are kept a little simpler but with the Hello Kitty touch with a 3D molded bow on the side of the boots. These two pairs of boots are rendered in black with pink soles, laces and bows and white with blue soles, white laces and red bow respectively. As for the Mary Jane straps, the colorways match the two 3D bow 1460 8-eye and the 3D bow sits primly and adorably on the buckle strap.

The collection is set to hit select Dr. Martens retailers such as Nordstroms in limited numbers. Apparently, Dr. Martens may have hit middle age, but has proven that it can still be playful, young at heart and tough all at the same time.