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BAPE x Regal Shoes - Deck Shoes Collection

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A pioneer who bridged the main through-ways of Shibuya and alleys of Harajuku, Nigo of BAPE (A Bathing Ape) developed his own particular niche of creations, which easily found suitors from both street wear and mainstream label aisles, a feat not claimed even by the most artful marketers. For Summer 2010, the label made a considerable stride into "dandyism" and "preppy chic" with the launch of Mr. BATHING APE with Japanese retailer UNITED ARROWS. Plus, ongoing collaboration with the likes of Regal in the form of classic footwear, such as this new deck shoe collection.  Comes in luxurious suede, the BAPE x Regal Shoes Deck Shoes Collection come in 3 subtle colorways.  Embossed on the upper is a BAPE insignia, almost unnoticeable till looked carefully.  On the leather lined interior, gilt inscription of both Regal and BAPE logos.  Available in very limited quantity at BAPE retail locations and online sellers such as Cliff Edge