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C’MON LEBRON – Official NYC Campaign To Bring LeBron James To NYC

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New York City billed itself as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, city in the world. With that mindset, New Yorkers take pride in having the best of everything, everything except a superstar athlete on the starting lineup of the New York Knicks basketball team. That drought might be over soon as July 1st draws near; the day LeBron James becomes a free agent. To coerce “King James”, New York City created a media blitzkrieg which disseminate through radio, television, billboard, printed matters, Internet, and everything is between. Dubbed C’MON LEBRON and lead by the media savvy NYC Mayor, Michael Bloomberg (who made billions by revolutionize the dissemination of business news), the campaign urges James to come to New York. The massive effort includes a dedicated Facebook page, a Twitter keyword, a downloadable “toolkit” filled with Facebook avatars, print logos, and more. There is a YouTube video with celebrity chef Mario Batali offering James free dinner, for James and 19 of his guests, every 2 weeks at his restaurant. There are also rumors that Dwyane Wade maybe in the running as well….


> C’MON LEBRON Facebook Page