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Mark Ronson & The Business INTL - Bang Bang Bang Ft. Q-Tip + MNDR

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Grammy award winning producer, DJ, musician and designer extraordinaire, Mark Ronson, is returning to the music scene after a short, albeit extremely successful, design stint with Gucci Icon-Temporary pop-up stores. To mark his comeback is single "Bang Bang Bang" featuring California electronic artist, MNDR, and QTIP. "Bang Bang Bang" is a new single from the forthcoming album, "The Record Collection" which has been so named because every person featured on this album is in Ronson's record collection. The trippy retro beats are slightly reminiscent of the best days of disco and, like the video which has just been released, drenched in sonic acid.

The video is shot with an is undeniably reminiscent of your favorite retro sci-fi such as Back To The Future, and Star Wars. Mark Ronson becomes the musical equivalent of Transformers or something along the lines of Power Ranger, almost conjurs MNDR and QTIP from thin air, sends keyboards flying across the galaxy and sorts. Designed to be watched and not mulled over, enjoy the beats and the video for the good, fantastical trip it is.