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Nike Stadium at Selfridges | World Cup Viewing

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With the 2010 FIFA World Cup well underway, promising action, surprises (Japan who was thought to be the weakest of its group had risen to the occasion and triumphed over Cameroon; meanwhile, reigning champion Italy was rather disappointing in tying the game with Paraguay), and everything one loves about kicking a little round ball about the field, the biggest question is often not, who to support, but where to watch the game. For the folks in London, Nike Stadiums and Selfridges are offering an elegant solution (perhaps more so perfect than elegant) to the game-viewing dilemma. Nike Stadiums will be coming to the beloved shopping spot, Selfridges, and setting up shop in the lower ground floor's ULTRALOUNGE by providing a wholesome retail and game-viewing experience.

Aside from entertainment and refreshment, ULTRALOUNGE will also play host to your favorite Nike Stadiums products and projects such as the Heroes of Speed, True Colors Pack, the Brazil Black Pack, the Elite Pack and the Brazil National Team Kit. So, if you forgot your game gear, it is as easy as simply opening your wallet and grabbing one to pull over your head. The fanfare will be going on for the duration of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, lasting all the way through July 11th, so do remember to check out the spot if you are in town!