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MGMT - "It's Working" | Official Video

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Celebrated Brooklyn duo who is determined to bring us a curious sense of irony (they mocked the rock-star lifestyle quite ruthlessly with a healthy manipulation of verbal irony in "Time To Pretend") and doused it in an acidic electro-pop beat that easily draws their listeners into a fantastic stupor-- whose effects are only otherwise seen in abusing certain substances. With that in mind, MGMT is not about rainbows, crooning about the happy endings but more about establishing a twisted view (albeit often relate-able and honest) of life and reality. MGMT has just released the video for a track, "It's Working" from their latest album "Congratulations".

"It's Working" is not a triumphant rally for love or life, but a simple acknowledgment that things happen, and it is the way it is. With a determination to perhaps shock, or defy public consensus and romanticism, the duo advocates that "love is only in your mind and not in your heart". Check out the video which involves the duo building an interesting contraption, quite literally expressing the term "It's working!" in its most fundamental meaning. Just don't get too caught up in trying to figure out why love only exists in the mind and not the heart.