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Nintendo 3DS Debuts at E3 2010 Conference

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It's real! It's alive! It's the new Nintendo 3DS and the best part about it which we cannot wait till the next sentence to divulge-- you don't need 3D glasses to use it. Unveiled not too long ago at the E3 2010 conference, Nintendo unveiled its next big thing which will change the landscape of hand held gaming and confirmed functions and some specifications for the Nintendo 3DS.

The new 3DS doesn't operate operate on 3D glasses, but instead, comes with an adjustable 3D slider where the user can adjust the level of three dimensionality, or turn it off completely. With this slider and cameras (two on the inside, one on the outside like the Nintendo DSi), the user can play 3D games, take 3D photographs and watch 3D movies. Also, the 3DS system is compatible with the DSi, so one can continue to sync and play with other DSi users (if they are not too bitter to play with you).

Also, 3DS is built to constantly search for WiFi access points and also other 3DS systems, so your system can communicate with other 3DS systems without you knowing it, kind of like what Nintendog players are used to.

As impressed as everyone at the E3 Conference was (and as blown away as we were), there is no pricing or release information details unveiled as of yet. So, stay tuned. Perhaps, this is a strategy to prevent angry mobs of DSi fans who have just upgraded from storming Nintendo stores everywhere? via: Gizmodo