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PF Flyers Archival Reissue High Tops

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There are certain things in NBA and basketball history that are better left forgotten, for instance, booty shorts and knee-high socks, and some other things that make us sweetly nostalgic like Jerry West, Larry Bird, the vintage Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Karl Malone. While not all these things from the past can be revived for today, for those who are craving to reminisce, vintage basketball sneakers are a good way to go. Amongst the classic basketball kicks that perhaps, as of today, are no longer the best performance court shoes, but without a doubt are still strong contenders in the style scene, are the PF Flyers high top sneakers. In hand with the NBA finals season, when competition is really heating up, especially for Kobe, who might have to work single-handed to secure the championship title for the Lakers, heritage sneaker company PF Flyers is reissuing some of its archived hi-tops, and some are reworked in Celtics green for those who want a bit of glory for being on the winning team.

This archival reissue pack includes three models, the Bob Cousy Hi which was first worn by basketball's first superstar (yes, this is the pair of shoes rendered in Celtics green); the Glide, which was first introduced in 1979 and now comes with era-specific markings, padded tongue, heel ribs and terry lining; and last but not least, the Center Hi which was first released in 1953 and then went on to establish itself as a basketball classic with a vertically ribbed tongue and diamond patterned outsoles.

Exercise a little basketball fidelity and remember the greats with some vintage shoes on your feet. Of course, while the choice is obvious here for Celtics fans, Lakers fans will perhaps have to steer clear from the obvious favorite of the pack.