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Pharrell Williams x Perry's Principles on Anderson Cooper 360 | Video

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This isn't about a new album, and it isn't about a new apparel line, and it isn't even about Pharrell's green initiatives-- this is about education. Adding a new dimension to his image and endeavors, Pharrell sat down with CNN Education Contributor Steve Perry about the state of education in the United States today. Why Pharrell? According to Perry, Pharrell is an inspiration for this generation, and in order for the tired education system to reach this generation, it can use some insights from the person who connects with young people all over the world.

This portion of the program is aired as a part of Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, and in the short interview, Pharrell shared his personal experience in school and put in his two pence about how important education is and how it should be engaging. Pharrell feels that schools and the education system should be a space where learning is not only engaging, but also challenging. And he believes, the problem with the education system today is that students have too much idle time, and no motivation to learn. He then shared an anecdote about his band instructor who required Pharrell to score at least a C average on his classes to be able to stay in the band.

Check out the video which is quite enlightening in that it shows a different side of Pharrell, one that isn't joking about pink polo shirts on "Get Him To The Greek" or rapping out solos on videos and getting the crowd riled up. Also, don't forget to check out Pharrell's part in improving education and influencing lives of young people via a site, Kidult, which Pharrell has commented to be kind of like CNN for young people, and showcases what they care about.