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Trilly & Truly - Spring/Summer 2010 - Basic Info Collection

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Lupe Fiasco's Trilly & Truly has released it's new Spring/Summer 2010 Collection, entitled Basic Info, the collection looks to create simple pieces that can express basic ideas and extract any unneeded complexity. The collection looks to express three ideals, Peace, History, and Anarchy, all of which Lupe Fiasco is a firm believer in. The Basic Info Collection consists of 3 polos, 3 pants, and 3 tees, all items are similar however there are various elements that make each individual item stand apart. The polos are available in Grey, Blue, or Red and each has different placements for various Trilly & Truly branding. The pants are slim-fitted and feature a White zipper on the front on the pants with a contrasting color chain that is attached to it, the pants come in Gray, Red, or Army Green. Last but not least are the three tees that are a part of the collection, each t-shirt features an image of a historic individual starting with Martin Luther King Jr. followed by Noam Chomsky and ending in a defaced Adolph Hitler. Each individual stands for one of the three themes of the collection, King Jr. represents Peace, Chomsky stands for Anarchy, and Hitler stands for History. Pick up the Trilly & Truly Spring/Summer 2010 Basic Info Collection now in Lupe Fiasco's Red Box at RSVP Gallery.