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Complete Technique x Reed Space - Jewelry Collection

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Jeff Staple and jewelry maker, CompleteTechnique who is famed for bringing the world pendant-renditions of headphones and sneakers, are back again for more collaborative work, extending upon the duo's previous partnership in recreating the iconic chair into something wearable. This time around Reed Space and CompleteTechnique get a little tighter with a more extensive collection, featuring not only chairs, but also various cool gadgets such as weapons (assault rifles, anyone?), audio equipment (a mixer for those who lead a sonic life) and cameras (for the photography buffs out there).

The collection opts for a tougher, more subtle palette with pieces recreated in gun metal and matte black, with a used, rustic vibe to them that seems to hint at something a little vintage, a little military. The collaborative collection also gives room for customization in engraving and adding extra pendants. For instance, one can add extra seats to the chair necklace, and engraving can be added with custom orders as well. For men who are doubtful about wearing jewelry, let's just say this collaboration is not only a safe place, but also a good place to start. via: Reed Space