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DQM - Summer 2010 - T-Shirts

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DQM is ready for summer and they will be releasing some brand new t-shirts this coming Friday on June 18. For those not in the New York City area, these t-shirts will be available on the DQM online store starting Monday, June 21. Other summer items will also be hitting the racks, but for now here we have a preview of the t-shirt collection. In the usual DQM style, the t-shirts all feature strong, prominent graphics. Designs such as "Eat Here Not There" and "Some Wood" t-shirts are printed in monochrome on a simple contrasting, basic white or black t-shirt. Keeping things simple yet with impact that graphic t-shirts are supposed to deliver, there is also the"F*ck You" design, which is a little more playful and explicit with a large back print in black and white.

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