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FUTURA LABORATORIES - Camo Bias Patchwork Series Headwear

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Patchwork Work Cap

Recently, FUTURA LABORATORIES has released a several items featuring the Camo Bias Patchwork patterned original textile. Now, they are releasing the headwear items that utilize the same original textile. As with the previous releases, there are two versions of the camouflage pattern in this drop. One is a  green-based pattern made up of tiger stripe, woodland and other patterns while the beige-based pattern is made up of desert storm, brown tiger stripe and other wild-themed camouflage patterns. The patterns are spotted on three different hat styles-- the work cap, jet cap and a regular hat. All are branded with the red FUTURA LABORATORIES woven tag. All of the styles are currently available at FUTURA LABORATORIES store and accounts.

Patchwork Jet Cap

Patchwork Hat