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Giorgio Di Salvo x Nike Stadiums Lunar/Lunarlon Technology Artwork

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This isn't the first time Italian illustrator/designer, Giorgio Di Salvo, is working with Nike. But, this time around, his work does differ quite drastically from his last-- the Black, White and Red Snakes exhibition. However, his new work for the Nike Lunar/Lunarlon Technology is no less visually astounding that the previous. Drawing inspiration from Nike's latest running technology, the Lunar and the Lunarlon, which are designed to reduce weight and have high performance, Di Salvo brings the word "Lunar" into play. Perhaps reminiscent of the moonwalk, Di Salvo has rendered imprints of the Nike shoes in space dust. Each picture is rendered to appear like a satellite image of the moon or the surface of another planet. The grooves created by imprints of the shoes play into the lunar landscape and mimic the the uneven surface of the moon.

Metaphorically, Di Salvo has successfully captured the essence of the Nike Stadiums Lunar/Lunarlon technology, and perhaps, on a more romantic note, one small step in Nike's technology development, is one big step forward for the runners. via: SN