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Levi Maestro x Shayan Afshar - Infinity Piece Bracelet

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Despite popular belief, luxury isn't about money or wealth, and neither is it about details or status. Luxury, is about time. It is about having the freedom to manipulate time to the way which pleases you. Everyone is born with the same amount of time, but time is also a strange thing which bears different meaning to different people. For the affluent, time doesn't have to be spent working for someone else, for the learned, time is best spent to make one's life more fulfilling. Perhaps, in a material expression that time is luxury, watches have not only become a focus of craftsmanship, but also a status symbol. However, having a timepiece to keep tabs on the flow of time seems to simply point to a certain rush that operates against the concept that luxury is having infinite time and control over it. Thus, Maestro Knows, in his first foray into design, has partnered up with a Shayan Afshar, a young, up-and-coming jeweler who has already garnered an impressive clientele including the ever fashionable Kim Kardashian, to create the Inifinity Piece.

Designed to look like a watch, crafted from translucent plastic and rose gold, this is a "watch" that reminds one of time, but doesn't tell time. The smooth rose gold watch face simply reflects the world with well, a rose-colored hue. It's an interesting piece which seems to carry a metaphorical reminder for its wearer-- that luxury is in not knowing what time it is, not having to keep up with deadlines and going somewhere. Perhaps, it is about being in the moment and be reminded of the world around you. Sure, this doesn't have time components, but, functionally, what can be better than a daily reminder to take things easy, and revel in the luxury living on your own time, and of not having to keep up with a standardized measurement the rest of the world runs on? images by: NBP