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adidas Matchups | Facebook World Cup Prediction Application

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Just ask anyone who has ever played fantasy sports of any kind, or joined a bracket, and he or she will probably be able to assure you that game-watching will never be the same again with stakes thrown in. For the 2010 FIFA World Cup, sure, some will perhaps have an office bracket, some will use their regular bookie, and with the Internet growing oh-so-almighty, some would have formed their own little group on ESPN and put down some money for their favorite teams. Not a big gambler but would like some reward for making magical predictions? adidas is adding a competitive dimension to their participation in the 2010 FIFA World Cup this year with their very own adidas Matchups Facebook application.

The adidas Matchups application is rather similar to a bracket, except more sensational, more fantastical and absolutely user friendly. Basically, playing in line with the adidas Football World Cup campaign, The Quest, the adidas Matchups is about legendary players. Key players from various national teams have been given superhero-like nicknames. For instance, Gourcuff from France enjoys a moniker, The Creator, and his arch-rival in the game, Guardado is known as The Wingman.

As for how to play, the user can select different groupings, for instance, The Creator versus The Wingman, and one can select the player whom he or she thinks will lead his team to victory. Also, aside from selecting the winning player and the winning team, one can also make more specific predictions to gain extra points. Who will score? Who will get the most corners? Who will have the most ball possession? The predictions are divided into three categories, Match, Team and Player. One can only make three predictions in total out of the entire match. Making accurate predictions and player selection will win the user points. And of course, the incentive here is that the user with the most points will stand to win an exclusive prize from adidas.

Aside from making good judgment calls, or leaps of faith in some instances, one can also participate in conversations and interact with other Facebook users on the applications. Being engaged in the application will also lead to extra brownie points. Likewise, recruiting more friends to join in the Matchups will do the same as well. Also, users can unlock achievement badges and earn titles such as The Oracle (for accurate predictions), The Expert (for uncanny insights), The Patriot (of course, for undivided loyalty), The Machine (for participating in multiple matchups), and The Commander (for recruiting the most players).

Join in the fun, even if you are already in multiple brackets (the more the merrier), and if you are a virgin to the whole bracket play and gambling, there is no easier place to start. To play, head on over to adidas Matchups on Facebook.