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Air Jordan V.2 Grown - July 2010 Releases

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There is something intrinsic about Jordan fans which sometimes makes it difficult for the label to branch out into more lifestyle-oriented design. The responses received are often quite ambivalent, as some of the Jordan purists do believe in retaining a strong basketball root and design in their shoes; meanwhile, some fans are a lot more open-minded and welcome a little fresh change to the label. The new Air Jordan V.2 Grown is one such venture, as the shoes has quite clearly departed from the traditional basketball shoe silhouette and went for a muted, moc Chukkah boot direction.

The overall design is clean, trimmed, and muted. One of the interesting things about these shoes is that the laces are not only hidden with an extended placket, but not used in necessity as an elastic gusset on the side will allow one to slip in and out of the shoes without having to untie the laces at all. These are a part of the Air Jordan July release, but they are already available for purchase at CNCPTS, so for Jordan fans who are looking for something a little more "grown", these would be good choices to shell out for.