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KIKS TYO x Eric Q - Boks Kun T-Shirts

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Eric Q T-Shirt 2

Toronto native Eric Q used to work as a designer at Reebok, and how his talent and skills have been tapped by other sportswear companies such as adidas, New Balance, and of course, Reebok.  Apart from designing sneakers, Eric Q's art work puts focus on music and related sub-cultures. His art work places emphasis on the unique layering of wood. KIKS TYO has worked with Eric Q on a special version of the Boks Kun t-shirt graphic, and adopted Eric Q's signature style of layering different kinds of wood and wood patterns as colorfills. The wood layer style as seen on the front print is created from a combination of photo print and illustration of wood grain in various colors. Complete with the signature of Eric Q under the graphic and the t-shirts come in white, black or orange base colors. These are currently on preorder at KIKS TYO online store and scheduled to drop early July.

Eric Q T-Shirt 3

Eric Q T-Shirt 4

Eric Q T-Shirt