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KIKS TYO x Yuki Hoashi - World Cup T-Shirt

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Yuki Hoashi World Cup 2

Everyone is neck deep into the 2010 FIFA World Cup, as each cheer on for their own country or favorite teams. Brands have gotten the World Cup fever as well, each releasing South Africa inspired items for fans to rock at the matches or in front of the TV. KIKS TYO is no stranger to World Cup, as Japan is no stranger to participating in the finals, and this year, has also successfully entered the competition, and even performing beyond expectations against Cameroon. The label's signature "Chicks with Kicks" concept is applied to the World Cup t-Shirt featuring Yuki Hoashi in bikini. However, inspirit of the World Cup, the sneaker has been replaced with a soccer ball. These are only limited to 100 pieces world wide, so be quick.

Yuki Hoashi World Cup