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LIVESTRONG x Nike Sweet Classic Low Canvas | Bicycle Midsole

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Lance Armstrong's charity initiative, LIVESTRONG, has started from a movement recognizable by most through a yellow rubber bracelet into quite a complex venture and community that drew in people from various walks of lives and industries. Amongst artists, and sportsmen, LIVESTRONG also shares an extremely close relationship with Nike, having worked with the sportswear giant on an extensive collection of collaborative footwear, accessories and apparel. While most of the previous collaborations seems to be more performance based or designed to live in the spotlight, the new collaborative Nike Sweet Classic Low Canvas (a perfect silhouette and material for the summer, might we mention?) is rather subtle but playful at the same time.

The shoes have been rendered in the signature LIVESTRONG colorway of bright yellow and grey, but the highlight of the shoes are the bicycle-print midsoles, which only pays tribute to Lance Armstrong's dedicated sport but also sets the sneakers apart from the others with, well, regular midsoles. These are currently available at Finish Line if you are feeling for them!