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Nike Stadium At Selfridges | Detailed Look

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Watching the game alone at home is perhaps the most comfortable way to go, but it is difficult to not feel slightly ridiculous when jumping up and down the couch, knocking over the coffee table, all by yourself. Adrenaline, testosterone and excitement are best when shared with people. However heading out to a crowded bar and fighting for that three inches of head space to see a tiny spot on the only flat screen affixed in a bar is not exactly a pleasant experience either. Nike Stadium and Selfridges have decided to come together to dispel game-watching issues for once and for all, by installing a state of the art World Cup viewing space in the lower ground level Ultralounge in the Selfridges.

Spanning 3,500 square feet, this art and exhibition space has been temporarily transformed into a World Cup haven for the soccer fans. A 4metre by 4 metre high-definition screen has been set up in to broadcast the games and ensure that everyone will be able to enjoy the game in its full glory-- nothing blocked by heads or hats or scarfs and angry fist pumps. In adjacent rooms, foosball and video games have been set up to provide the spectators with entertainment between games. Also, not one, not two, not three, but a total of 62 plasma screens have been set up around the space to create a wrap-around installation of sounds and enhanced images to make sure that the breathtaking World Cup experience lives on even between games. There is no time for slowing down!

Game-watching specifications aside, the space will also house special Nike 2010 FIFA World Cup products such as the Nike Elite Pack, the Brasil Black Pack, the Brasil National Team Pack and the Nike True Colors collection. Meanwhile, for those who have expected the Selfridges to decorate its space according to the seemingly easy choice of its home team, England, Nike Stadium and Nike Sportswear has decided to pay tribute to one of the greatest and most feared teams in the world, the Brazil national team. The space has been bedecked in yellow, green and blue, and will also play host to elements of Brasilian culture such as dance, music and art.

Meanwhile, on the first floor in the menswear section, Selfridges have incorporated a bespoke Nike Sportswear retail space to house exclusive Nike Sportswear products.

The space will be running through July 11, for the entire duration of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, so if you are in the area and seeking a good place to watch the game, do drop by. Also, there is no better time to be the better man and offer to go shopping with your mother, wife, girlfriend or daughter at the Selfridges, knowing that there will be a perfect man cave awaiting you.