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OK Go - "End Love" | Official Video + Giveaway Contest

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A ballad of unrequited love, a suitor's angst, a mix bag of emotions... Painful and all too familiar, heavy subject not easily make light of, that is if you are excluding the creative mastery of rock band OK Go. Hailed from Chicago via Los Angles, the quartet entered mainstream consciousness in 2006 with their music video for Here It Goes Again (directed by Trish Sie, the sister of OK Go frontman Damian Kulash). To elaborate on that success, the band is again borrowing the power of viral video for its newest song, End Love. Dressing in synchronized outfits, the foursome gleefully "danced" through sequences of what could be called as geeky and awkward, still very funny, especially with the addition of a wondering goose.

As an insurance to reach the video full "viral" potential, OK Go arranged a special giveaway contest with the coveted Apple iPad as the prize. Dubbed My Friends Are Cooler Than Your Friends, anyone could download the End Love video and simply upload onto your Facebook page. Then, just have your friends comment on it. In 2 weeks time, the FB page with the most comments wins. Upload and disseminate the fun.