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The Smurfs - Teaser Trailer | Video

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The Smurfs-- little blue figures first created by Belgian artist Peyo are possibly one of those interesting cultural icons that have not only played a large part in most of our childhoods, despite the country in which we reside, it has also evolved into a strange bag of jokes and cult references as we grow out of our child-like tendencies and acquire a sense of satire and darker sense of humor (along with other vices that would go very well with seeing little blue figures running around in the woods). Whatever the cult of blue woodland creatures who are as tall as three apples mean to your now, they are making the next step in their bold tales and tall adventures, moving from the television to the silver screen. Next summer, The Smurfs will be coming to theaters near you, and the teaser trailer for the new The Smurfs movie has just been released by The Warner Brothers. Except for things in the world turning inexplicably blue (or is there a reasonable explanation which comes to mind already...?) the trailer doesn't reveal much about the film yet. Check it out, get psyched, perhaps, tune in to some of the Smurfs rerun and catch up with your favorite Smurf, be it the brainy one or the lazy one, then be prepared to hold the excitement till next summer.