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For now, if you don't have the hand-eye coordination, nor the speed nor dexterity, you can still compete for activity, power, popularity, speed and spirit by sitting at your desk, arms akimbo, fingers ready to go with 140 characters of condensed thoughts to spare. As a part of UNIQLO's latest campaign for its new performance sportswear, the Japanese retailer has created the UNIQLO SPORTWEET, which allows Twitter users to get a quick Google Analytic-like breakdown of their Twitters, and their performance against the other Twitter users. UNIQLO SPORTWEET will also access your Twitter account to pull out your latest Tweets and work them into different videos to create a personalized interactive experience.

Freshness has plugged in our own Twitter to see how we are holding up against the rest of the world as well, and the results are right after the jump. Check out the interesting campaign, and don't forget, the real competition is still out there in the fields, so, with the sun hanging high in the sky, it's time to head out, gear up, and take your competitive spirit somewhere out there.