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WTAPS - 8 Hole T-Shirt

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8 Hole

It is not a secret that WTAPS founder and designer Tetsu Nishiyama aka TET loves to rock boots. For the current season, he has designed a t-shirt to pay homage to one of his favorite boot makers, Dr.Martens; in particular, the Dr. Martens classic 8-eye boot. Thus, for the t-shirt, a cartoon rendition of the 8-eye boot has been stamped onto the front of the t-shirt with the phrase "Nothing but * hole". On the back of the t-shirt is the numbers "96-69" which is the theme of this season, gives t-shirt a nice view from the back. The classic white t-shirt is printed and embroidered in black, with the exception of the WTAPS flag tag on the left sleeve in red and white.

8 Hole T-Shirt

8 Hole T-Shirt 2