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Onitsuka Tiger - Special Projects Aisen + Midori | Unveiled at Pitti Uomo 78

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As the fashion conscious and learned gathers at the beautiful city of Florence for Pitti Uomo 78 for a whole new fashion universe to be unfolded for the upcoming seasons, Japanese heritage sportswear label, Onitsuka Tiger has unveiled two of its special projects named Aisen and Midori at the Pitti Uomo 78 stage, for its Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

Aisen and Midori are two projects which pay special attention to the Japanese tradition-- in terms of craftsmanship and in terms of aesthetics. Aisen is a tribute to the Japanese artisan tradition, and the products reworked in this special project have been crafted from hand-dyed fabric and materials, following the reciepe passed down by the ancient Japanese. The dye has been created from a indigo extracted from rare flower pigments. Some of the classic Onitsuka Tiger models that have been reinvented in this new artisan tradition are the Mexico 66 and the Mt. Okatabi Layup 72.

Meanwhile, the Midori pays homage to the Japanese aesthetic and philosophy of "wabi-sabi", which is a school of thought focused on the aesthetics and acceptance of the transcience. It sees the beauty within the incomplete, impermanent, and imperfect.

Aside from the recycled denim and cotton canvas kicks, there is also a pair of two-tone slip-ons in a variety of subtle, muted shades. Also, the Aisen and Midori special projects come with matching accessories as well. via: Style and Fashion