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Uffie - ADD SUV Featuring Pharrell Williams | Video

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It has been a few years since Ed Banger Record's Uffie has got the world onto its feet into some shuffling action with hands up in the air when she urged all to "do the tootsie roll" in hit song, "Pop The Glock". Finally, for all Uffie fans who have been foraging her songs here and there like a primitive cyber gatherer, the Paris-based electro pop songstress has just released her debut album "Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans". Alongside the upbeat drop, the album's first single, "ADD SUV" featuring none other than Pharrell Williams has been unleashed onto the world in a retro comic pop video.

The official video shows Uffie crusing around town at night, runs into Pharrell who happens to be riding in a rather ostentatious lipstick printed drop-top convertible, and tries to race him. As for who won and who had to hand their licenses over to the man of the law, check out the video to find out.