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CLOT x Disney - Man Is In The Forest - Pop-Up Concept Store

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Without a doubt and quite indisputably, Walt Disney is perhaps one of the most creative men who ever-lived. An adult with a child-like wonder who has not only conjured castles out of thin air and happy dreams for children all over the world, spanning across multiple generations, Disney is not only imaginative, but also an astute businessman who once said, "You are dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up anyway,". True enough, Disney is perhaps one of the ever-timeless and relevant existence for the most of us. Once upon a time, before the realities of adulthood set in, children once run carefree with Mickey Mouse ears sticking out the top of their heads, and years later, in an attempt to relive childhood fantasies and a happier time in life, the same children, grown up, start spotting other collaborative Disney products (i.e.: The latest example being the Disney x CLOT 6th Anniversary T-Shirt), or have a proud stash of Disney Pixar movies such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, or WALL-E in their DVD libraries. As a homage to the man who has helped raised us when we were children and continue to remind us the importance of being a child sometimes, CLOT has collaborated with Disney to start on a new temporary retail concept, Man Is In The Forest.

The pioneer of its kind, Man Is In The Forest (the store's name originated from a line from animated film, Bambi, and it is also code used by Disney animators to signal that Walt Disney is in the studio), will play house to Disney inspired designer collaborations from all over the world. The collaborative canvases and products will be expansive, varied and many, ranging from apparel to accessories, from houseware to limited edition collectibles. Some of these collaborations, actually, the majority save one, may not come across as unfamiliar, for these are all collaborations done with Disney in the past. A quick rundown of the list of designers and labels whose collaborative items with Disney will be available in the store includes ANTIPAST, Bounty Hunter, Cassette Playa, Charlotte Tarantola, devilrobots, Dr. Romanelli, Han Cholo, Hysteric Mini, Johnathan Saunders, Milkfed, Secret Base, Campana Bros and WHIZ Limited.The items will be available for a limited time only in store, and also, Hong Kong's CLOT who is running the operations of the store will also be launching its exclusive Disney collaborative products at Man Is In The Forest as well.

Aside from a space filled with some of the most coveted items inspired by the happiest place on Earth, the temporary store will also be an exhibition space which showcases the design inspiration, art work and installation created with artist and designers from around the globe. Man Is In The Forest will be located across the street from Juice Shanghai, and will be opening its magic kingdom doors this Saturday, June 26th. Now those in Shanghai will no longer have to shuffle their way to Hong Kong or even further to Tokyo, US or Paris for a dose of happiness.

Man Is In The Forest
897 Julu Road | Map
Shanghai, China

Opening Date: June 26th, Saturday