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Nike Write The Future x (RED) - End AIDS | Video

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This is not an unfamiliar campaign, and it is not a difficult one either. For a while now, Nike has partnered up with (RED) and Starks to create charity (Nike)RED laces where its proceeds will be donated to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS. AIDS used to be a death sentence, but with advances in medical technology and pharmacology, AIDS is no longer an early expiration date tagged on people, and one of the latest AIDS survivor passed away at the ripe old age of 80. At only 40 cents and two pills a day, lives can be easily saved. However, as many people in Africa continue to live in poverty, millions are unable to afford the medication they need to survive. To drive the point that it is as easy as lacing up to save lives home, (RED) has teamed up with Nike Football's Write The Future campaign to create a new End AIDS video.

Nike athletes, including the 2010 FIFA World Cup soccer heroes and Kobe Bryant have been documented spotting (Nike)RED laces at their games, doing their part to save lives from unnecessary premature deaths. Check out the video, and if you haven't laced up yet, it is really easy to do so. Just head to your nearest Nike store to grab a pair for your kicks. And if you need more inspiration on what you can do with the laces, check out the Nike Lace Up Save Lives video released earlier this year in January as well.