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OriginalFake - Gore-Tex Paclite Hooded Jacket | Summer Sale

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Cycling, hiking, birdwatching, hanging out by the docks, skating, sleeping, use as make-shift umbrella when raining... these are just a few uses for the OriginalFake Gore-Tex Paclite packable hooded jacket that just went on sale at OriginalFake for the summer. This multi-talented packable hoodie is ultra light and almost all-resistant. It is crafted with the Gore-Tex Paclite shell, and thus is both wind and water resistant. The side seams are lined with the OriginalFake Chomp-printed mesh for a little extra ventilation that can come in extremely handy in the steamy summer months. The fun part about this jacket, aside from being extremely versatile in multiple locations and weather conditions, is that it comes with a large inner pocket (that comes with a penholder on the side) that can hold everything from wallets to cellphones and even notebooks and pens for birdwatching. Of course, everything folds into a tiny pouch that comes equipped with adjustable nylon straps and can be tossed around like a small messenger bag. This has just been offered for OriginalFake's summer sale and is going at 40% off, so if your closet is still short of a packable windbreaker, there is perhaps nothing more convenient than this.