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X-Girl x Reebok - Insta Pump Fury

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Insta Pump Fury 5

One of the modern classics from Reebok is the Insta Pump Fury. It is a model that garners die hard fans to this day. X-Girl have been busy with collaborations lately as they retouch the classic Insta Pump Fury in their own flavor. It released successfully few days ago and already it has been sold out at the X-Girl online store, so don't hesitate if you see a pair. The exterior of the sneakers have been detailed with galaxy like star pattern against the matte black Pump system and white Pump and release button. Yellow tongue pull, purple heel pull and blue inner lining contrasts with white and purple midsole. To finish the sneaker off X-Girl logo is embroidered in blue over purple heel section.

Insta Pump Fury 7

Insta Pump Fury 1

Insta Pump Fury 2

Insta Pump Fury 3

Insta Pump Fury 6

Insta Pump Fury 4