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Durkl x Norml - Limited Edition Capital Club Package | Available Now

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Washington D.C. based Durkl has embarked on a journey around the world, quite literally, as they sought out brands from capitals around the globe for collaborations. This rather ambitious project, also known as the Capitol Collection, features limited edition packs and items created by Durkl and their partner from another part of the world. Dropping this month is the limited edition Capital Club package by Durkl and Canada's Norml.

And mind you, this is not your run-of-the-mill graphic t-shirt collaboration for boys. This, is a collaboration for men. How do we know? Because only men drink whisky on the rocks out of a swishy whisky glass. The beauty of this collection, doesn't necessarily lie in the t-shirt (which is co-branded and gilded like a whisky bottle label), but definitely lies in the beautifully crafted custom cedar box which also houses a special rocking whisky tumbler. The package is currently available at the Norml and Durkl, so if you are hoping to acquire a new vessel for both yourself and your perfectly aged brown liquor, you know where to go.