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Gallery1950 x UNDFTD "Strike Logo" Mats

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There was a point of time when there is nothing cool about bath mats. Bath mats were things middle age women purchase and seem to have no specific function at home for men (which man cares if a little water splatter, right?). However, in comes Gallery1950 and everything changes. Suddenly, these little rugs for the bathroom are legitimate additions to any balchelor pad, especially if you managed to get your hands on their cool collaborative pieces with labels such as OriginalFake.

To be released this month and joining the rank of cool mats from G1950 is a new collaborative "Strike Logo" mat created with UNDFTD. The mat is rendered in UNDFTD's signature "Strike" logo and comes in two colorways-- blue on yellow and yellow on red. They are due to drop this coming Saturday in Tokyo, so if you are in need of sprucing up the home space, you know where to look. via: HS