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Mercedes Benz SLS AMG E Cell | Prototype

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This of course, is not a Prius. If you still think that an energy-efficient and green car will trudge along the roads and accelerate at an almost humiliating rate that often makes one wonder if it will send you flying backwards on an uphill climb, Mercedes Benz is about to change your mind. Because by 2015, super cars running on the road will be green as well. Mercedes Benz has produced a SLS AMG E Cell prototype, of course, based on one of the best selling super cars on the market.

Sure, the new Mercedes Benz SLS AMG E Cell slightly under-performs when compared to its gas powered counterpart, but it can still let most cars out there bite the dust with 526 horsepower, 649lbft of torque, and being able to zip from 0-60mph in just four seconds. Well, then one actually wonders, since we are making super cars here, why bother getting rid of the celebrated 6.2L, 563 HP, V-8 engine? According to Mercedes Benz, it is a dedication to fulfilling its promise to continually reduce fuel consumption and emission of new models in coming years. So, a lithium ion polymer battery is now in play-- and behold, don't mess with it because it can power up to 12,000 rpm per motor.

Now, we would tell Prius to move on over, but with the SLS AMG E Cell and it's whooping power, there really isn't a point for Prius to move out of the way at all. via: Automobile Magazine